Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy is a leading direct-selling company that offers innovative, customizable products designed to warm the heart, enliven the senses and inspire the soul.

Who is the founder of Scentsy?

Scentsy was founded in 2003 by Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were later joined by Orville Thompson, a then-struggling entrepreneur whom they met at a small business event in 2004.

What do Scentsy products do?

Scentsy Fragrance offers home and personal fragrance products as safer alternatives to wicked candles. The product line includes scented wickless candles, oil diffusers and decorative ceramic warmers.

How much does it cost to join Scentsy?

Buy a starter kit for $99 and become an independent Scentsy consultant. Shipping costs $10, plus local sales tax.

Do Scentsy consultants get a discount?

Scentsy Consultants do not get discounts on the products, but they may get 20-25% commissions on everything they sell. Aside from the commission, there are incentives, promotions and awards that can be earned along the way.

Where are Scentsy products made?

Scentsy’s wickless candles and home-fragrance products are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Meridian, Idaho, USA. The warmers are especially designed by Scentsy, and made by skilled artisans employed by Scentsy’s manufacturing partner in China.

Are Scentsy products available in stores?

Scentsy products are not available in stores. Scentsy can only be bought directly one-on-one in person, over the phone with a consultant, and online via their personal website.

Does Scentsy have a catalogue of products?

Yes. Scentsy releases two catalogues each year: The Spring/Summer catalogue in March, and the Fall/Winter catalogue in September. Special seasonal collections are also released around the holidays. You may ask for a catalogue from your Scentsy Consultant.

What is a Scentsy Warmer?

A Scentsy Warmer is a unique ceramic-type ornament designed with a low-watt hotplate inside, and are meant to be used with our unique Scentsy bars. Scentsy bars are wick-free scented candle bars that provide a safer alternative to burning wicked candles.

A Scentsy Warmer is designed to gently melt scented wax from the dish of the warmer on top of the low watt hotplate. No wick, no naked flame, no soot, no smoke. There is absolutely no risk of burning children, materials or pets.

What is a Scentsy Bar?

A Scentsy Bar is a block of fragrant wax in eight break-apart sections. The bar comes in more than 80 exclusive Scentsy fragrances.

Are the Scentsy Buddy and Scent Pak safe for children?

The Scentsy Buddy is a soft, stuffed animal, and the Scent Pak is a high-thread-count bag with food-safe polymer beads injected with flavor and fragrance oil. Both products have passed stringent product safety testing for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australian markets. The products have also passed specific safety tests for children’s toys, and tests for tear strength and foreseeable misuse, flammability, cleanliness, fabric composition, and toxicological assessments. Scentsy Buddies have been approved as safe for all ages.

How do I clean my Scentsy Buddy?

Do surface spot cleaning to take care of your Scentsy Buddy. Machine washing and drying are not advised. Remove the Scent Pak if you have a middle-of-the-night emergency.

Is Scentsy Room Spray Toxic?

No. If you use Scentsy as instructed, then they are perfectly safe and non-toxic.

How long do Scentsy Travel Tins last?

The Scentsy Travel Tins last up to 30 days.

Does Scentsy deliver to my country?

Scentsy currently ships in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico, and to select APO addresses overseas. Scentsy will soon be available in more areas.

What are the shipping methods available?

Orders are shipped directly from Scentsy’s distribution center via UPS ground, while some smaller orders may ship via U.S. Postal Service. Scentsy doesn’t use other carriers and doesn’t offer any other shipping or expedited shipping options as of the moment.

How do I request an exchange?

You may return your Scentsy product in resalable condition to your Independent Consultant for exchange within 30 days of the delivery date. Scentsy does not offer cash refunds.

What is Scentsy's return policy?

Scentsy products come with a lifetime replacement warranty. If your product is damaged in shipping from Scentsy, has a manufacturing defect, or an electrical issue, you may return it to your Independent Consultant for repair or replacement.