How to Survive Any Road Trip With Scentsy Travel Tins

Jun 12, 2020 | Blog

A road trip may sound like personal hell for some, but there’s always a way to make even the grumpiest passenger enjoy being on the road for hours. Take some cues from these road trip survival tips, and from the ever-reliable Scentsy Travel Tins!

How to Survive Any Road Trip

Know Your Route

The only thing worse than getting lost is having a passenger whining and complaining about it. Make sure your designated driver knows the route by heart (more or less), or at least has the tools to refresh their memory when it inevitably falters. Get Waze on your phone and have a physical map as a backup just in case!

Know Your Route

To make sure you’re all focused on the road, try getting a citrus scent from the Unplugged Scentsy Collection like Sunkissed Citrus or Camu Camu. Its invigorating high notes will make sure your alert — the great fragrance is just a bonus.

Bring Snacks

Sometimes pit stops are just too far apart for, especially for someone who’s got the munchies. Pack a cooler with a variety of juices and a pick of snacks (both healthy and less-healthy) in your car before you leave!

Have A Car That Smells Amazing

Spruce up the place you’ll be spending all those hours in with your passengers. After doing some deep cleaning, put up some Scentsy Travel Tins around the car to make every inch smell amazing.

Inspiring fragrances can make a car inviting and homey. Try out a comforting smell like Clean Breeze or a refreshing one like Skinny Dippin. The Scentsy Travel Tins also double as air fresheners for hotel rooms, suitcases, and bathrooms, so you’ll want to bring more than one so you can share the fun!

Plan Great Stopovers

Great road trips are founded on one basic principle: It’s about the journey, not the destination. To fill every part of your trip with fun, check out some great sights or foodie-favorite restaurants to stop by on the way. A great diner after being cramped up is sure to perk you up!

Plan Great Stopovers

Take this as an opportunity to take some great group photos, too. Make nature your stunning backdrop and grin like your legs have enough space in the car. Say cheese!

Make A Playlist

There is virtually no social gathering that music can’t enrich. Let time pass by quicker by having some great tunes you can rock to while you’re on the road! Spotify’s default playlists have some great recommendations, but try to take into consideration everyone’s music tastes so everyone’s happy. Pick songs that are upbeat, though, cause your driver might end up snoozing if you play something like lo-fi chill beats. Match it with the fragrance of your Scentsy Travel Tins, too!

Or alternatively, pass around the AUX cord so everyone can share their own personal playlists! This will also open up topics on everyone’s preferred type of music. You’ll walk away with a new favorite song for sure!

Make A Playlist

Visit our website now and get an exclusive discount on Scentsy Travel Tins. Check out other great Scentsy products that make road trips more fun!

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