A Scentsy Bulb for Warmer Nights

Aug 24, 2020 | Blog

For all of its general messiness and questionable environmental safety, a candle–especially scented ones–are enviably relaxing and calming presences in our lives. A great book, some warm tea, a comfy chair, and a decently-bright scented candle can be that fantasy we all look for but lack. So what if you can recreate that scented candle experience, but with a bulb and minimum messiness instead? The Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy bulbs can give you a modern spin on that fantasy and make it a reality. How can it do so? Let’s introduce you to the Heavenly Fantasy made Scentsy Reality.

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy is an international corporation founded in 2003 by Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell. Based in Meridian, Idaho in the United States of America, their focus is to create quality scented products, including innovative invention, which is the wick-less, flameless scented candles. Because of the experimental nature of their products, instead of using retail stores to sell Scentsy products, they went with a direct selling approach, seeing as people are apparently more likely to buy when they are shown demonstrations of it at home. 

And it works! People love the products and their loyal consumer base helped them create up to $450 Million a year in revenue and gain enough power and legitimacy that Forbes in 2018 put them in the list of the 100 Most Promising Companies in the United States. Not bad for a wickless candle company.

Scentsy Warmers: Daily Calm

One of their central products is the Scentsy Warmer. The concept of the Scentsy is pretty cool and very distinct from other scented candles: it is electric, and with nifty jar designs that can go from retro lamps and classic Mickey Mouse designs to kitschy dogs and jars with inspirational quotes. To simulate the effect of an actual scented candle, you just out scented wax bars that melt next to the Scentsy bulb. You smell the scents, but there’s no smoke, no flame, and a neater mess to clean than the typical candle. 

If scented candles relax you, then this neater, environmentally-cleaner version with the clever designs of a lamp will definitely push all your troubles away.

What is Scentsy

A Bulb Lights The Way

You might be asking now about what kind of bulb goes inside a Scentsy Warmer? Can you buy a Scentsy Warmer bulb in a hardware store as a generic product, and if not, you may ask yourself, “Where can I buy bulbs for my Scentsy Warmer?”

No need to ask! Scentsy itself sells their own custom-made quality Scentsy bulbs that commit to its function not just as a warm light to put inside your Scentsy Warmer, but as a heat source to melt that beautiful smelling wax. You can get bulbs that have power from 15-watts to 40-watts, with different designs for each level of wattage, depending on how fast you want to melt the wax itself. It is, in itself, custom-made not just to light up the Scentsy Warmer brightly, but to bring those beautiful and relaxing scents to the forefront of your life.

Where To Buy Scentsy Products?

Scentsy’s Warmers and its accessories and waxes are not just calming and joy-giving, but they are life-changing appliances made to help relax you fully and come together with the world around you. To buy their warmers, bulbs, and other nifty products in their catalog, you can check out our website for more details.

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