Scentsy Clothesline Scent Circle Review – Versatile as it is Homey

May 5, 2020 | Reviews

Of the many things that happen around us every day, one thing that seems quite trivial is the smell. Admittedly, this is something that always catches our attention – whether it’s from a place or a person. In retrospect, this is the first thing that determines a first impression – the smell, our most robust sense. I would like to think that it makes or breaks your day. Most times, it dictates what your day will be like.

From “green” and “clean” scents to the seasonal ones, you can’t go wrong with a good smell. To trigger a positive response, Scentsy makes use of ingredients that infuse fresh and clean scents into every space we own, like how Scentsy infused the scent of clean laundry into the Scentsy Clothesline Scent Circle.

Clothesline Scent Circle Review

The scent of “clean”

The history of scents spans thousands of years. From being a mainstay in religious ceremonies of Ancient Egypt to becoming an ingredient in modern-day scented products, the history of fragrance has gone a long way. Somewhere along this timeline, scents have become associated with “clean” and “fresh” – both of which are abstracts that do not actually emit odors.

A “clean” scent is roughly the olfactory equivalent of actions like cleaning laundry, doing the dishes, or opening a drawer of clean clothes. For Scentsy, the soothing green and orange flower scent of the Clothesline Scent Circle is the epitome of “safe” and “clean,” sometimes even nostalgic.

Commercial “clean” scents

Some experts say that the human brain can distinguish between “good” and “bad” because it is a necessary skill to survive. By identifying risks based on the scents, you can avoid potentially dangerous environments and food. 

Manufacturers claim to use organic ingredients all the time for the illusory “safe” products. Perfume-makers also manufacture abstract concepts of scents, all of which meant to evoke feelings of “freshness” and “safety”.

CLothesline Scent Circle

For businesses and personal spaces, the effects of the ambient scent translate to several potential benefits. Because scent triggers the limbic system and the memory, it brings up memories. Likewise, the smell of “clean” gives the impression that you are “safe.” Fresh scents, like that of Clothesline Scent Circle, guarantees that everyone riding with you walk away with a memory of a positive experience – which always results in a good recall.

Scentsy Clothesline Scent Circle

The Scentsy Clothesline Scent Circle is still available, and simply too good to pass up on. Reminiscent of newly washed laundry, the Clothesline Scent Circle gives a whiff of that “clean” smell wherever you go. With the Scent Circle, the familiar essence of “clean” clothes naturally dried in the air automatically takes you back to the comfort of your “clean” home.

Why do we like the Clothesline Scent Circle?

It brings nostalgic, familiar feelings.

It’s similar to the scent of home. The smell of greens, orange flowers, violets, and a wicker basket is like freshly washed clothes. The circle is also non-obtrusive, as opposed to bulky diffusers and messy oils. 

It’s a sweet little thing. 

Scentsy has clearly managed the look and the scents, so if you are looking to embody pure beauty, the Clothesline Scent Circle is the best. Talk about input matching output.

It’s like bringing a piece of home wherever you go.

That’s actually the point. The toughest thing about going out is staying clean and fresh. With pollution, smoke, and dust swirling around you every moment, staying clean and fresh can be a real challenge. You will get used to masking it with perfume eventually, but it never becomes comfortable. This is where the Clothesline Scent Circle comes in. 

Sometimes, being simple is the best way to go. Why bother with bulky bars and diffusers when the Clothesline Scent Circle can go with you anywhere, any day? 

If you haven’t yet, you can head on to the Scentsy website to check out the customer reviews or other Scentsy products

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Scentsy Clothesline Scent Circle Review – Versatile as it is Homey

Of the many things that happen around us every day, one thing that seems quite trivial is the smell. Admittedly, this is something that always catches our attention - whether it’s from a place or a person. In retrospect, this is the first thing that determines a first...

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