The Scentsy Club Review: Is Joining Worth It?

Apr 7, 2020 | Reviews

Is Joining Worth It

Restock on your favorite consumable Scentsy products and get exclusive perks with each merchandise by joining the Scentsy Club!

What is the Scentsy Club?

The Scentsy Club is a subscription program that allows you to have a steady supply of your favorite Scentsy products, with the merchandise delivered directly to your doorstep. Members also have access to amazing goodies unavailable elsewhere.

How The Scentsy Club Works?

How The Scentsy Club Works

The Scentsy Club process is a pretty straightforward arrangement, consisting only of three simple steps:

    • Choose Your Products

Order as many Scentsy products as you want. There’s no minimum or maximum amount of order required.

    • Choose a Shipping Schedule

Select shipping options that will suit your schedule. Whether you get these orders every month or three months is up to you.

    • Enjoy the Goods

Use the products to your heart’s content. Take advantage of the exclusive benefits that come with every package, too!

Scentsy Club Perks and Benefits

Scentsy Club Perks and Benefits

Scentsy Club subscribers get access to numerous perks and benefits, including:

    • Minimum to Free Shipping

Get free shipping for orders worth $60 or more. A minimum fee of $5 will be charged for $30 orders.

    • Free Scentsy Bricks

Pick your favorite Scentsy Bricks upon subscription. These bricks are five times larger than Scentsy Bars.

    • Always Get My Bar

Continue to enjoy your favorite Scentsy bar long after it’s discontinued. This perk is exclusive only to Scentsy Club members.

    • 10% Discounts

Avail 10% off for qualified Scentsy products you order during the last month of the current catalog.

    • Limited-Time Products

Buy seasonal items like Scentsy’s Scent of the Month, Bring Back My Bar, amongst others.

    • Bundle & Save

Order products from the Bundle & Save category within the Scentsy Club to get more for less.

Products Included in Scentsy Club

Products Included in Scentsy Club

Most Scentsy products are available via Scentsy Club membership. Each merchandise is listed by category, and products may vary from month to month. You can explore the full list by clicking on the Build a Subscription button on the Scentsy Club page.

Non-consumable items, limited-time consumable products (except those offered in Always Get My Bar), and merchandise on sale are not included in Scentsy Club subscriptions.

Scentsy Club Reviews and Testimonials

Many people have better enjoyed Scentsy products by joining the Scentsy Club, as seen in their reviews below:

“I have been using Scentsy products for quite a while now. While some of their goods are affordable enough, others are a bit pricey. After joining the Scentsy Club, though, even their more expensive products became easy to get.”

“Joining the Scentsy Club has been a blast! Not only did I enjoy loads of perks, but I also got to use my recently-discontinued scent bars.”

“The Scentsy Club is a great way to enjoy Scentsy’s signature products. If you want to make the most of Scentsy, then I definitely advise you to join this club.”

Joining the Scentsy Club is Absolutely Worth It!

Joining the Scentsy Club is Absolutely Worth It!

Becoming a Scentsy Club member won’t just help you get a constant supply of your favorite Scentsy products, but it will also help you have a better Scentsy experience. So if you haven’t joined yet, now’s the perfect time to do so.

Learn more about the Scentsy Club, their mechanics and perks, as well as other Scentsy products by visiting Scentsy product distributor today.

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The Scentsy Club Review: Is Joining Worth It?

Restock on your favorite consumable Scentsy products and get exclusive perks with each merchandise by joining the Scentsy Club! What is the Scentsy Club? The Scentsy Club is a subscription program that allows you to have a steady supply of your favorite Scentsy...

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