Party Clean Up Tips with Scentsy Dish Soap

Jun 19, 2020 | Blog

Party Clean Up Tips with Scentsy Dish Soap

It’s all fun and games until the party’s over, and you have to clean up after all of your guests’ mess — stain and leftovers and all! Make post-party clean up easier with these practical tips, thanks to amazing Scentsy Laundry and Clean Products like Scentsy Dish Soap.

Prepare Containers For Leftovers

Get a stack of trusty foil, cling wrap, and food containers so you can just grab them and go when it’s time to set leftovers aside. Clear up all the food on the table and pop them in the fridge to make their shelf life longer. 

Make sure that your food containers are clean and ready to use by using Scentsy Dish Soap to clean them prior to your party.

Prepare Containers For Leftovers

Set Aside Counter Space for Empty Dishes

Get smart and set aside counter space for all the used plates, pitchers, utensils, and glasses so you don’t have to worry about unsightly platters anywhere in the party area while your guests lounge around post-party. Organizing them will also help it easier for you to wash them later! Try to keep similar dishes together.

Invest in Bus Tubs

Restaurants use big bus tubs to manage all their dirty dishes. If you can, try getting a smaller one to help all your used platters all together and in one place! You can even set them out near the party area so your guests can help you with the cleanup.

Start Pre-Treating Your Tablecloths

This goes for any linen that might have been a casualty to the usual party stain. While you’re cleaning up the rest of the house, start pre-treating them so you don’t waste any time. Depending on how stubborn the stain is, you can even use Scentsy Dish Soap to pre-treat them. Otherwise, it’s probably a good idea to just use color-safe bleach.

Start Pre-Treating Your Tablecloths

Once you’ve soaked it enough, throw it in the washing machine with your favorite fragrance of Scentsy Boosted Liquid Laundry. Customer favorites are Pink Cotton, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Amazon Rain. Complete the linen cleaning with Scentsy Laundry and Clean Products and they’ll be party-ready in no time!

Set Up A Designated Trash Collection Area

Every aspect of throwing a party generates so much waste as it goes on, from the first part of planning down to the post-party cleaning session. Set up a designated area with segregated trash bins to make it easier for you to throw trash away. When you’re all done, all you have to do is wrap up the trash bags and wait for the garbagemen to do their job!

Wipe Down Counters Before the Party Starts

To lessen the load of the post-party cleanup, wipe down your counters using Scentsy Laundry and Clean Products. Use the Counter Clean, All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, or just the Scentsy Dish Soap you have to make your counters sparkle and smell amazing! Try out a scent from the Citrus fragrance family to make that invigorating fragrance last in your kitchen.

Clean up the aftermath of a fun party in a jiffy with fragrant Scentsy products. Get the Scentsy Dish Soap, Boosted Laundry Liquid, and other amazing cleaning products when you visit Scents Store.

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Party Clean Up Tips with Scentsy Dish Soap

It’s all fun and games until the party’s over, and you have to clean up after all of your guests’ mess -- stain and leftovers and all! Make post-party clean up easier with these practical tips, thanks to amazing Scentsy Laundry and Clean Products like...

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