Gift Ideas for Kids from Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances

May 29, 2020 | Blog

If you think gift hunting for your friends is hard enough, getting your favorite little one. Instead of getting them just another toy they’ll get bored of after a while, check out these unique gift ideas from the Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances!

Simba Scentsy Buddy

Say “hakuna matata” to all your worries! The ever-fluffy king of the everything that the light touches comes in a limited-edition Scentsy Buddy. Simba comes with a scent pak of your choice.

Simba Scentsy Buddy

Pick Camu Camu for a tropical oasis of lush mandarin, camu camu and passionfruit to make it smell like you’re in the lush Africa savannah. This is a popular one amongst all the Scentsy collections!

Twitterpated Scentsy Bar

Bring the magic of spring, fresh beginnings, and the excitement of a new world with Bambi’s very own exclusive scent from the Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances. Twitterpated is a heavenly mix of sun-kissed Meyer lemon, morning dewdrops, and lush wild moss.

Twitterpated Scentsy Bar

You can also pair this with a Bambi Scentsy Buddy that comes with fun sensory sidekicks that they can play with! Sadly, Twitterpated doesn’t come in a Scentsy Pak variant so it’ll have to stay at home with your trusty wax warmer.

Cinderella Carriage Scentsy Warmer

Skip to happily ever after even when the clock strikes midnight! Load up the Cinderella Carriage Scentsy Warmer with a comforting scent for your tiny princess’ room.

Cinderella Carriage Scentsy Warmer

Make it smell like a castle with French Lavender, Satin Sheets, or Apricot Vanilla. Put in a couple of cubes into the warmer and light it up! Sing them a nice lullaby version of “A Dream is A Wish” and let them drift off into their own dream castle.

Mushu Scentsy Buddy

Bring back honor to your family (and your cow) with another favorite from the Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances. The Mushu Scentsy Buddy is a soft doll loaded with your chosen Scentsy Pak so your little soldier can feel safe saving the world from the Huns. Now they’ve got their own personal guardian spirit!

Mushu Scentsy Buddy

Choose an energizing scent like Perfectly Pomegranate, Sunkissed Citrus, or Tropic Tango. Or just go with the Not Your Everyday Dragon fragrance for a refreshing fragrance of sweet papaya nectar, juicy mango and a delicate touch of red ginger flower. Unzip the Scentsy Buddy and put in your chosen fragrance from the Scentsy Collections and wrap it all up in a ribbon!

Minnie Classic Curve Scentsy Warmer

Got a little taste for the classic? Get the Minnie Classic Curve Wax Warmer from the Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances. It’s got every bit of Minnie’s adorable charm, plus tiny hidden mickeys!

Minnie Classic Curve Scentsy Warmer

This also doubles as great decor for living rooms, so it’s a gift for everyone!

Dumbo Circus Parade Scentsy Bar and Scentsy Pak

Another favorite scent from the Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances is the Dumbo Circus Parade Scent. It comes in a Scentsy Bar variant and a Scentsy Pak variant. Let the fun of the circus fill your little one’s room with sweet clementine, creamy peach, fresh mango and vanilla bean.

You can choose any wax warmer from the Scentsy Collections or a Dumbo Scent Buddy from the Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances and it’ll work perfectly with this fun-filled scent!

Where Can I Purchase Scentsy Disney Collections?

Want to grab these gifts for your little one? Visit the leading Scentsy product distributor now and get an exclusive discount on these exclusive Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances. Check out other great products in the Scentsy Collections and start filling your life with fragrance!

Gift Ideas for Kids from Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances

If you think gift hunting for your friends is hard enough, getting your favorite little one. Instead of getting them just another toy they’ll get bored of after a while, check out these unique gift ideas from the Scentsy Disney Collection Fragrances! Simba Scentsy...

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