Scentsy Dryer Disks Review: Infuse Your Clothes with the Fragrances You Love

Jul 3, 2020 | Reviews

Scentsy Dryer Disks Review

Have you ever hung clothes out to dry under the sun only for them to come out smelling unpleasant? Have you ever experienced putting on fresh clothes only for them to smell as if they’ve been kept in a dusty box for years? Or maybe your laundry smells just fine but detergent isn’t exactly your favorite scent. With Scentsy Dryer Disks, those problems can be left in the past.

What Are Scentsy Dryer Disks?

What Are Scentsy Dryer Disks

Scents are more than just what certain things smell like. For most people, scents can invoke memories and emotions that bring them comfort and joy.

Now imagine pulling your laundry out of the dryer, warm and wafting with fragrances that you know and love. You can do just that with Scentsy Dryer Disks, products that infuse your clothes with a long-lasting scent. Whether you decide to use them immediately or keep them in the closet, your clothes and linens will smell fresh for a long time. 

What Scents Are Available?

What Are Scentsy Dryer Disks

There are a variety of fragrances available so you’re sure to find your favorite scent.

Here are the variants you can choose from and their respective fragrance notes:

  • Aloe Water & Cucumber Dryer Disks – aloe water, cucumber peel, palm frond, and pineapple nectar
  • Amazon Rain Dryer Disks – melon, orange zest, coconut milk, and jasmine
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Disks – dark berries and vanilla
  • Jammy Time Dryer Disks – freesia, lavender, and sweet pea
  • Lavender Cotton Dryer Disks – lavender, cotton, and daisy blossom
  • Luna Dryer Disks – jasmine, sweet pea, freesia, berries, and sandalwood
  • Pink Cotton Dryer Disks – cotton, berries, and vanilla
  • Scentsy Clean Dryer Disks – white florals
  • Shimmer Dryer Disks – cherry, apricot, white musk, and sugar

How to Use Scentsy Dryer Disks

How to Use Scentsy Dryer Disks

Dryer disks come in packs of two with each disk good to use for up to 15 loads. Just throw a disk on top of your clothes and proceed with the drying cycle. The disk may show signs of wear and tear, but as long as it’s still infusing wonderful scents into your laundry, it’s fine to continue using.

For better results, use the dryer disks along with other Scentsy products for laundry. You can even create your own Scentsy laundry bundle for a complete range of fragrant products and save money while you’re at it.

Get Yours Now

Get Yours Now

If you’re tired of having clothes smell like detergent or the inside of your closet, head on over to Scents Store, a leading Scentsy product distributor. Here, you can get all your laundry needs and other products to infuse your favorite fragrances into anywhere, anything, or anyone you can think of. They have everything for you, kids, pets, and more! Scentsy also provides customers with a worry-free shopping experience by providing a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t forget to browse through Scentsy Collections where you can find special products, including licensed fragrances, gift items, decor, and more.

It’s time to fill your life with fragrance. Visit the website today for more info on the latest products and special offers.

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