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Apr 17, 2020 | Blog

Scentsy Fantasy Wax Collection

As far as daydreams go, fairy tales have always been the go-to source of perfect bliss. From fairies to princesses and unicorns, the world remains at the mercy of these stories for happily ever afters. Or so I thought. Little did I expect that apart from these ancient tales, scents have coexisted with humans dating back to the time when pharaohs, kings, and emperors reign. It’s not a modern invention, but I’ll refrain from the history lessons. Trust me. You’ll appreciate the fantastical scent of rainbows and unicorns in Scentsy Fantasy Wax Collection more than Home Fragrance History 101. 

Scents and Emotions: How Do They Work?

Scents and Emotions How Do They Work

Despite the many ways that reality jars us back from our fairy tale dreams, we humans have brains that are always hard-wired to find happiness. With our noses at the forefront, mental states, emotions, and even reactions can change in an instant. The nose is our most emotionally evocative sense. That said, it affects sensations and responses behind the scene, even before logic takes over. 

Before you start sniffing your way to happiness, it is important to note how the scent-to-emotion process happens. Whenever you inhale a scent, it goes through the olfactory system and travels to the brain until it hits the hippocampus. 

Wondering what a hippocampus is? 

It’s part of the limbic system, and the one responsible for processing feelings and emotions. Yep, it is also the last stop for the scents before signals go out to the other parts of the body.

The Hidden Forces of Life: Scents

The Hidden Forces of Life Scents

Scents and home fragrances don’t seem to be too high a price for a good life. As Executive Director Theresa Molnar of the Sense of Smell Institute said, “Scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance.” Consider this: if Marcus Aurelius of Rome was right when he said, “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts,” then the survival of scents throughout history certainly comes with some benefits.

So when you feel the beginnings of a blue moment, know that you don’t have to suffer until it wears off. There are some things that you can use to help bring up a calmer and happier you, like the Scentsy Fantasy Wax Collection. (If you’re fortunate, you might even get the Universe to cheer you up, like what happened to me).

The Unexpected Gift of Scents: Memories

The Unexpected Gift of Scents Memories

Building the mental muscle is not an easy feat, I know. With the distractions of fast-paced developments happening all at the same time, it is hard to focus or even remember certain things. But there is something fascinating with how a whiff of a certain scent can send you down a trip down memory lane. Believe me, it’s almost hypnotic. It’s also tied to emotions and moods, which means certain odors evoke automatic reactions.

Whether you know it or not, scents are staples of daily living. Think back to the last time you went to your favorite store. Now, close your eyes and imagine walking into that store. Do you recognize the smell? If it’s not the smell of their main merchandise, it’s definitely a distinct smell for the store. It’s not just in sales or advertising. Even students and regular workers are being swayed as some scents make reviews easier because of the hyped up brain activity. Some promote productivity and a few others contribute to all-around happiness.

Start smelling

Whether you’re a dreamer or a pragmatist, there is nothing in the world that can match the “power” of the right scent in retrieving memories and evoking emotions. 

Unlock all your fantastic memories with the right scent. Between chasing rainbows and re-living a fairy tale memory, the possibilities of the five-scent combo Scentsy Fantasy Wax Collection are infinite (and definitely pleasing, if I may add).

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Scentsy Fragrance Wax Collection Party

As far as daydreams go, fairy tales have always been the go-to source of perfect bliss. From fairies to princesses and unicorns, the world remains at the mercy of these stories for happily ever afters. Or so I thought. Little did I expect that apart from these ancient...

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