Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser Review: The Best Desk Buddy

Jun 16, 2020 | Reviews

Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser Review

The office can often become a bland place. With work ringing down your throat for more hours than you would prefer it to, your desk can be the only refuge in your hectic environment. Turn your desk into your own personal oasis with the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser.

What is the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser?

The Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser is an aromatherapy diffuser that plugs into any USB port. It’s specially made for on-the-go inspiration without any headaches. It’s portable, flameless, and spill-proof! It also comes in a sturdy plastic cover, so you can enjoy your favorite Scentsy fragrance for much longer.

It’s great for sprucing up and personalizing your desk at the office, at home, or even the coffee shop where you’re working at! You can even use it in your car as long as you’ve got an adapter or a port available to plug the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser into. 

They come in three cute designs that will accent your desk well: pretty Blush, fresh Mint, and classic Gray. Each one can carry one Scentsy Pod at a time, but you can easily swap them out when you feel like changing up the mood.

How do I use the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser?

The Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser uses Scentsy Pods to deliver the signature Scentsy fragrance. They’re small plastic fragrance pods that are made from plastic aroma beads. These beads fill the area in an instant using a blend of premium synthetic and natural scents. Scentsy opts to use synthetic oils in some fragrances so that they don’t disturb the natural ecological balances of their sources.

How do I use the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser

Using a Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser is literally the easiest thing in the world. Open up the Scentsy Pod package, twist & mount it on the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser, and plug it in to the nearest USB pot. Each Scentsy Pod can provide fragrance for up to 120 hours.

Is it safe to use the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser?

Absolutely! Just make sure you’re following the basics of using any type of electrical gadget. Make sure it’s out of reach from any liquids that can possibly spill or direct sunlight or high heat since these will likely interfere with the performance of your Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser.

As for the Scentsy Pods, they’re BPA-, gluten-, lead-, and formaldehyde-free. They also do not contain or release harmful phthalates. Because of the fragrance composition, some Scentsy products contain extremely low levels of non-harmful diethyl phthalate (DEP), one of the staple ingredients in crafting fragrances in order to help blend mixtures and make scents last longer. All Scentsy products are certified safe for use and undergo rigorous quality checks before they arrive at your home.

Scentsy Pods come in twin packs of the same fragrance, but you’re free to mix up your chosen scent every day! Just make sure you store them in an airtight container so they don’t lose their scent fast.

What are the fragrances I can use with the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser?

Scentsy Pods come in 31 delicious scents, but some office favorites are the following:


  • Baked Apple Pie
  • Vanilla Bean Buttercream


  • Citrus & Verbena
  • Grapefruit & Grenadine
  • Tropic Tango


  • Amazon Rain
  • Just Breathe
  • Lavender Cotton


  • Luna
  • Here Comes the Sun(flowers)
  • Lilacs & Violets


  • Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • Coconut Lemongrass


  • Welcome Home

What are the fragrances I can use with the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser

If you’re looking to condition some focus into your area, try sticking with the invigorating Citrus and Spice fragrance family for your Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser. On the other hand, if you want it to be an oasis of comfort, try out the calming Fresh and Floral scents! The choices are endless, and that’s why Scentsy Mini Fan Diffusers get so many positive reviews.

When you’re picking out your scents, always take into account the basics of fragrance science. Each fragrance has its own scent intensity and fragrance throw containing varying levels of high, mid, and low notes. This results in certain notes overpowering others no matter the concentration of the Scentsy formula. This is due to fragrance oil composition and other ingredients. Other factors include humidity, weather, ventilation, and altitude.

Personalize your desk with your own aromatherapy fragrances with the Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser. Visit Scents Store and get an exclusive discount on the best Scentsy products, so you can enjoy the benefits of inspiring fragrances!

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