Sniff Your Way to Health With These Scentsy Standard Warmers Under $35

May 22, 2020 | Blog

Standard Warmers

Surgery Professor Jayant M. Pinto at the University of Chicago in Illinois once said, “Of all human senses, smell is the most undervalued and underappreciated—until it’s gone.” We repeatedly proved that if the nose can talk about grievances, it would probably borrow Rodney Dangerfield’s catchphrase and say, “I don’t get no respect!”

You can disagree with these sentiments all you want, but can you honestly remember the last time you indulged your nose for some treats or checkups for no reason at all?

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A study published in the journal PLOS ONE said that the decreased ability to identify scents means death within five years. It’s a scary theory, but it is one most of us probably won’t take seriously. Nobody would ignore other things that could mean death, but the nose is so easily left unchecked. Is it so hard to turn on a standard warmer and take a few sniffs of your favorite scented treats? It is far from being a standard smell test, but it is something you can do at home to check if you need professional attention, if you care.

What is a  Scentsy Standard Warmer?

If you are not aware of it yet, Scentsy’s standard warmers are what you would call a traditional warmer line from among the various products produced by the American company, Scentsy. It is a regular flameless wax warmer – an electronic device that mimics a slow cooker and dissolves solid wax to liquid.

Benefits of Using Scentsy Standard Warmers

A standard warmer is an electronic version of the traditional burner device that can double as a table centerpiece. Because it makes use of a heating coil to warm and melt wax scents instead of a candle, this warmer type offers the benefits of a flameless, soot-less, and smokeless alternative to your old school burner products.

Old school candle burners melt wax scents wastefully, burning through the middle and leaving the edges of the wax melts wasted. On the flip side, reviews of the standard warmers revealed that it evenly dissolves the wax melts, resulting in long-lasting fragrance.

With a height ranging between 5 and 7 inches, the standard warmer from Scentsy offers the visual beauty fit for accentuating any counters or tables. Like the other warmers, the traditional warmers are also customizable with warmer accessories like colored bulbs and decorated stands.

5 Scentsy Standard Warmers Under $35

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Having recently realized how much you are ignoring your sense of smell is not an excuse to go mindless in getting yourself tested or shopping for warmer or diffuser products. It is the time to slow down and carefully review the pros and cons of choosing to either get tested or buy a warmer.

Should you choose the warmer, here are some options that won’t burn a hole right through your wallet.

  • Alabaster Warmer

Who would have thought chiseled alabaster can look so exquisite? Scentsy’s Alabaster warmer offers nothing short of sophistication to your favorite room, with its ethereal light and design.

  • Antique Cross Warmer

Tap into your inner religious self with this centuries-old symbol of hope, displayed on a white crackle finish.

  • Classic Curve (Gloss Gray or Satin Black) Warmer

The Classic Curve Warmer is among Scentsy’s original designs. This simple elegance proves that simplicity is not dead as it inspires Scentsy’s iconic clamshell bar packaging. It is available in two beautiful color options (glossy gray and satin black), so it can easily match any theme in your rooms.

  • Diamond Milk Glass Warmer

This non-illuminated warmer, inspired by the traditional milk glass pattern, is the perfect go-to warmer for any bedroom. It is dainty enough and neutral enough to match any décor.

  • Etched Core

This etched porcelain warmer gives a uniquely textured surprise when lit. The surprise that shines through when this warmer is lit is something that you’ll always appreciate as it glows warmer.

This list is brief and incomplete as there are other designs and styles available for you to choose from when picking a warmer. But try any of the items on this list, and you will never go wrong. After all, nothing beats the classics.

Any of These Standard Warmers Caught Your Fancy?

These Standard warmers are all available at the Scents Store, where you can also check other warmer accessories to amp up the look of your Scentsy standard warmer and match your room’s theme.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Scentsy website now and start taking care of your nose.

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