The Secret To Making Your Apartment Smell Good

May 15, 2020 | Blog

Just cause you’re renting doesn’t mean your apartment can’t feel – or smell – like home sweet home. The secret isn’t magic, but simple practical solutions that can really change your life. The right scent can put you in the mood for whatever it is your room is intended for, so grab your pick of a Scentsy daily fragrance and start filling your life with inspiration.

The Secret To Making Your Apartment Smell Good

Clean with Scented Products

Before anything else, you’ve got to make sure your apartment is clean. If something smells bad, it’s most usually because something’s dirty. Make sure to schedule a day out of your week to do some light spring cleaning to keep odors away!

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Because it might be hard to find time in your schedule to both clean AND deodorize, try using Scentsy’s powerful line of home cleaning products. They’re infused with your favorite Scentsy scents to brighten anyone’s day, even that one friend who’s got the dirtiest sink in the world. (P.S. It also works great as a Christmas gift!)

Treat Baking Soda As Your Friend

Baking soda is THE multi-purpose product. It’s famously used as a deodorizer by mothers and grandmothers everywhere, so you should have this stocked in your cleaning supplies cabinet. You can leave small portions of it around places where icky and yucky smells tend to emanate to keep them at bay.

For a more enticing environment, try putting a Scentsy Scent Pak beside the bowl of baking soda to mask any other hints of odor. Plus, you can swap out scents so you can have a different daily fragrance!

Put Some Scent On Your Laundry

Don’t just wash your laundry, make them smell great, too! Invest in fragrant laundry products that get the job done and leave your washables smelling amazing. This is a great idea not just for clothes, but also for curtains, linen, and other washables in your room.

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Scentsy’s line of laundry products feature the best-smelling Scentsy fragrances like Pink Cotton, Clothesline, and Lavender Cotton. These are great daily fragrances to add a touch of freshness in your bedroom.

Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

For immediate results, cop an essential oil diffuser to turn your living room (or more accurately, the small area dedicated to a couch and a TV in your apartment) into a haven of comfort. Check out Scentsy’s natural essential oils, with scentsy fragrances made to balance, comfort, calm, and uplift.

Top picks are Peppermint, Lemon Lavender Rain, and Cinnamon Cherry.

Or Opt for an Aromatic Diffuser

You don’t have to break the bank with a high electricity bill just cause you want your apartment to smell good. Try out a reed diffuser to brighten up any room, or Scentsy’s Fragrance Flower. It’s an elegant solution to a stinky problem.

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Just choose from the 8 signature Scentsy fragrances, set it out, and enjoy a new aroma.

Put A Fragrance Clip In Your Closet

Small spaces like your closet tend to develop a musky wood odor. This can even transfer to your clothes if you leave them in there for too long! Try out a Scentsy Bar and hang it up on your clothing rod to get your dose of daily fragrance.

Add A Scent Clip To Your Air Vents

This is simple science. Spread the gift of inspiring fragrance to the entire room with Scentsy Car Bar Clips. They come in a pack of two and can easily clip onto your vents or air conditioners. They also come in cute colors that can accentuate an otherwise dull area of the room!

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Get an exclusive discount when you visit Scent Store to buy your Scentsy fragrance essentials. Fill your apartment with inspiration, and make yourself at home!

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The Secret To Making Your Apartment Smell Good

Just cause you’re renting doesn’t mean your apartment can’t feel - or smell - like home sweet home. The secret isn’t magic, but simple practical solutions that can really change your life. The right scent can put you in the mood for whatever it is your room is...

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