A List of My Top Scentsy Citrus Fragrance Picks

Jul 10, 2020 | Blog

A List of My Top Scentsy Citrus Fragrance Picks

On the lookout from some scents that pump up your mood?

For some time, I have been looking for a certain scent that would uplift my mood at just any point in my house—something that feels like spring anytime, anywhere.

Then I went shopping at Scentsy—an e-commerce website that offers different scents that suit different tastes. They call it Fragrance Families.

The Fragrance Families have seven categories to choose from: Bakery, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Spice, Woods, and my personal choice, Citrus.

Although usually mundane, the citrus scent evokes positivity—a smell that brings you in a beach getaway. For someone who is usually cramped in a tight schedule, I needed the citrus scent to help me relax and unwind after a grueling day.

Want to know my top Scentsy Citrus Fragrance picks? Read further below!

What is the Scentsy Citrus Fragrance?

The Scentsy Citrus Fragrance is a collection of home cleaners, body washes, body creams, and other products that have a citrus scent. Made with sparkling citrus blends, these products consist of hints of fragrances from your favorite citrusy fruits: orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit.

There are a lot of products to choose from and commend. However, for this purpose, I only rounded up a few personal picks, some I think are essential to every household, and some of which are also best-selling Scentsy products.

Without further ado, here is a list of my best Scentsy Citrus Fragrance picks:

 My Top 4 Scentsy Citrus Fragrance

1. Blue Grotto Hand Cream

Blue Grotto Hand Cream

I have unusually dry hands. This means I have to carry a travel-friendly moisturizing hand lotion with me anywhere I go. Good thing the Blue Grotto Hand Cream has both features! First, it keeps my hands moisturized for a longer period of time! Second, the citrus fragrance sets up my mood in a snap! And last but not the least, it is available in a convenient, travel-friendly package.

2. Coconut Lemongrass Car Bar Clip 

Coconut Lemongrass Car Bar Clip

A tropical getaway in my own car? Why not? The Coconut Lemongrass Car Bar Clip keeps my car smelling great for months! This scent accompanies me and my friends whenever we’re out to go on a road trip. I’m glad my friends love it as much as I do.

3. Fragrance Flower with Blue Grotto 

My personal favorite among my picks—I love this product for many reasons. First, it goes above and beyond the bare minimum. This comes in a very pretty bottle that immediately makes any room more beautiful! For me, this is a living room staple because I love going home to a scent that’s as beautiful and chic as its bottle.

4. Grapefruit & Grenadine Room Spray 

Grapefruit & Grenadine Room Spray

My bedroom has never felt like a vacation, all thanks to this product. All it takes is a few spritzes to transform my room into a spring den. Trust me, this product has helped me sleep well during the night. Definitely a must-try if you fancy a zesty vibe in your room.

Buy your Scentsy products today!

So, if you are in for a scent that steps up your mood in a snap, you’ll never go wrong with Scentsy Citrus Fragrance products! It’s time to try some of my top picks. Order yours now!

If citrus scents are not right up your alley, you can discover more scents, visit Scentsy distributor today.

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A List of My Top Scentsy Citrus Fragrance Picks

On the lookout from some scents that pump up your mood? For some time, I have been looking for a certain scent that would uplift my mood at just any point in my house—something that feels like spring anytime, anywhere. Then I went shopping at Scentsy—an...

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