My Top Scentsy Floral Fragrance Products That Are Worth It!

Jul 31, 2020 | Blog

My Top Scentsy Floral Fragrance Products That Are Worth It!

Who says floral scents are only for summer?

Nope, that’s definitely not true! I think floral scents are perfect all-year-round. I use it as a perfume and fragrance at home. It’s definitely my favorite scent, for it always makes me feel fresh, sexy, soft, and somewhat more confident to face the day.

I’m a sucker for the rich aroma of petals. However, I’m quite a picker when it comes to floral fragrances. Not everything floral in the fragrance market will be right up in my alley.

I crave for something calm yet luxurious, delicate yet empowering, and something that smells like a fresh bouquet. Good thing I found Scentsy’s Floral Fragrances! They have a lot to choose from, which made me more excited to try most of them!

After trying several products, I’ve come up with my staple fragrances! Read further to know my top Scentsy Floral Fragrances!

What’s so unique about Scentsy Floral Fragrances?

This fragrance line is commendable in so many ways. For one thing, it offers a wide range of floral fragrances that you won’t usually get tired of! They also offer these floral fragrances in various product forms.

The Floral Fragrance is just one of Scentsy’s many categories under the Fragrance Families. They also have Bakery, Citrus, Fresh, Fruity, Spice, and Woods.

My favorite Scentsy Floral Scents

Fragrance Flower with Luna

Fragrance Flower with Luna

One of the best-selling Scentsy products, this is probably my favorite among all the products that I’ve tried! It’s a mix of white florals like jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia, coupled with berries and sandalwood for a calming aroma! It also comes in adorable packaging! That cute beige flower brightens up the room instantly. Definitely a rare treasure.

Here Comes the Sun(flowers) Room Spray

Here Comes the Sun(flowers) Room Spray

A little vibe of sunshine and summer instantly fills my room when I spray this product! The Here Comes the Sun(flowers) Room Spray is a mix of sunflowers and sweet fruits like strawberry. The smell is so refreshing and uplifting, that’s why I can’t get enough of this spray!

Lilacs & Violets Scent Circle

Lilacs & Violets Scent Circle

This scent weaves a sweet story of lilac, spring blossoms, and romance. I put this circle on my bag, making sure to carry this fragrant wherever I go. This is such a nostalgic scent, for it reminds me of my mother’s home. Back in the day, she had lilac trees that smelled like paradise. I like how this scent triggers the great memories of the past.

Luna Scentsy Car Bar

Luna Scentsy Car Bar

This scent is my company for long trips or traffic jams. The mix of white florals, berries, and sandalwood at what calms me whenever I’m on my way home after a stressful day at work. Definitely a must-have if you want to experience a relaxing journey!

Where to buy Scentsy products?

So, if you’re into floral scents like me, these Scentsy products are definitely worth a try!

If floral scents don’t sit right with you, you may check out other scents from the Fragrance Family. To check out other Scentsy products, you may visit this website.

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