Bath Time is Fun Time with The Top Scentsy Fresh Fragrance

Jun 5, 2020 | Blog

Scentsy is known for their aromatherapy and fragrance delivery systems, but they also have a great line of body products that feature your pick of the top Scentsy fresh fragrance. Let’s run down the best selling Scentsy products that will make bath time fun!

Pink Cotton Lotion

Pink Cotton Lotion

Soap can get so harsh on skin sometimes. Hydrate with a replenishing lotion that’s a treat for the senses. Perfect for winding down and so very closely passing out into your comfy bed.

You can use it daily for all-over hydration. It comes in a pretty pink container that features an easy-to-use pump. Find your fantasy on a cloud of clean cotton swirled with fruity pink berries and vanilla sugar with Pink Cotton Lotion.

Comes in a 7.7 fl. oz pump bottle. Apply as often as desired on the body for fragrance and hydration.

Now & Zen Scentsy Soak

Now & Zen Scentsy Soak

Bring the spa to you with the Now & Zen Scentsy Soak. It’s great for a foot soak, a hand soak, or even an all-body soak. It rejuvenates with its moisturizing and energizing ingredients, including Epsom and pink Himalayan salts. These soothe tired muscles and tired everything-else.

While you’re pampering your body, breathe in sunny grapefruit with calming chamomile. It’s a favorite in all of the fragrance families. It’s a yin and yang affair that has multiple uses!

Comes in a 2 lbs resealable pouch. To use, open up the pouch and pour over warm water in a tub or a basin. Soak and relax. Throw in two cucumber slices to put on your eyes for the full experience!

Jammy Time Body Wash

Jammy Time Body Wash

Get your kiddo into hygiene with the Jammy Time Body Wash. An everyday cleanser that is gentle on young skin, it features a rich lather that moisturizes, too! Formulated with Vitamin E, aloe leaf, and sunflower oil, this makes it one of the most popular Scentsy products among children. It’s also paraben-free!

Get into the calming notes of baby freesia, lavender, and sweet pea. Make sure you don’t say night-night until you’re done taking a bath though!

The Jammy Time Body Wash comes in a 7.7 fl. oz squeeze bottle. To use, apply a small amount to a bath sponge or washcloth and lather. Scrub across skin and rinse with lukewarm water. After, put on your jammies!

Pink Cotton Body Cream

Pink Cotton Body Cream

Pink Cotton makes a double appearance on this list because it’s one of the top Scentsy fresh fragrances. It brings the pink fantasy of clean cotton, fruity pink berries, and spun vanilla sugar into an all-purpose body cream.

It’s vitamin-infused and mega-moisturizing, so it softens and protects your skin. Now you can look good, feel good, AND smell good! That’s amazing after-shower hydration.

To use, apply to skin as often as desired to help lock in moisture. 

Aloe Water & Cucumber Body Wash

Aloe Water & Cucumber Body Wash

Introducing the number one top Scentsy fresh fragrance: Aloe Water & Cucumber. It’s a fresh scent that’s great for lathering onto your body. It’s built to cleanse dirt and oil buildup while pampering skin with Vitamin E and sunflower oil.

The scent infuses aloe water with cucumber peel, palm frond, and a kick of pineapple nectar.

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