Top Scentsy Woods Fragrances to Get for Your Home

Apr 9, 2020 | Blog

Woody scents can leave any room feeling warm and earthy, as well as impart a mossy and comforting smell that reminds you of your cabin in the woods. If you’re looking for the perfect wood fragrances, then you should check out Scentsy’s Fragrance Families. Safe, healthy, and effective, these Scentsy products will definitely make your home smell and feel better. For your convenience, here is a list of the top Scentsy woods fragrances available.

Bonfire Beach

Bonfire Beach

Enjoy the aroma of toasted marshmallows smoldering over sandalwood and white flint, as well as an atmosphere of salty sea air and ocean spray, with Scentsy’s Bonfire Beach. Warm and comforting, this woody fragrance has a lingering quality that makes it highly ideal for both winter and summer use.

Mystery Man

Mystery Man

Meanwhile, Mystery Man combines white cedar, green verbena, and citrus bergamot to bring out a spicy and sensual fragrance. Cedar has always been a favorite scent, and it’s commonly used as a base in perfumes. What’s more, it contains various attractive traits that can neutralize bad odors, give off a relaxant effect, and provide insecticidal benefits.

Scentsy’s Mystery Man fragrance is also available in body product variants.

Saddle Up

Mystery Man

Saddle Up, on the other hand, captures the scent of soft suede, aged leather, and sheer musk of saddles, letting it waft throughout your rooms for your olfactory pleasure. This Scentsy product leaves a smooth, pliable, and exciting feeling, and it can improve a room’s atmosphere to make it more comfortable during chilly days and nights.

Satin Sheets

Satin Sheets

But if you want to enjoy a more aromatherapeutic flavor, then Satin Sheets might just be the Scentsy product you need. This variant fuses the benefits of sandalwood and vanilla to summon various healing properties. The sandalwood’s smokiness produces soothing and sedative effects, while vanilla promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Sheer Leather

With hints of bergamot, sandalwood, and leather fragrances, Sheer Leather can add a pleasing and sensual note to your home. Leather has been known to enhance a room’s positive mood, make it more alluringly attractive, and even acts as an aphrodisiac. Add the citrusy and comforting benefits of bergamot and sandalwood, respectively, and you got yourself a terrific fragrance product.

Weathered Leather

Weathered Leather

Lastly, Weathered Leather will give your room the benefits of leather and suede scents, plus significant notes of oak fragrances. Oak is known for many health-promoting properties, and it’s even used long ago to treat minor maladies. Used as a home fragrance, it can have purifying and detoxifying effects.

Get These Top Scentsy Woods Fragrances

Set the perfect mood and add a burst of delicious smell by using any of these top Scentsy woods fragrances listed above. Loaded with quality wood ingredients and brimming with even better benefits, these scents will give your living space the woody and earthy ambiance you’re looking for.

These best-selling Scentsy fragrances come in room sprays, scent circles, scent bars, scent packs, car bars, twin-pod packs, and travel tins.

If you want to learn more about these consumables and other Scentsy products, simply visit Scents Store website.

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